Reusable straws

Metal straws in a glass

Tea is my drink of choice, especially in the winter. We all know how important hydration is and most teas are just as hydrating as water, some with caffeine maybe slightly less. I even have over 30 different varieties at home. Its virtually calorie free and there are countless health benefits with different varieties.

However like everything there is always a catch. These teas can stain your teeth and unfortunately are often an unpleasant brown colour. Likewise for coffee, juices and many other drinks.

Normal straws are plastic, and not to mention hugely wasteful, so drinking a hot beverage is not a good idea. Luckily there are many companies selling reusable eco straws. These can be used to drink hot drinks.

I’ve tried a few out made from glass and metal. I did like that the glass straws made me feel like a giant gerbil but they were fragile and I ended up breaking one easily.

In the end I preferred the metal straws. The winners being stainless steel ones made by ECOatHeart. They were easy enough to clean using the supplied pipe cleaner (this really is essential so don’t loose it or make sure you order spares). The thickness on these was perfect for me as they were the same as normal disposable straws, not the jumbo ones fast food places do. Only down side is that they didn’t clean well in the dishwasher – bits seemed to get left inside. So best just to manually clean.

Since having these they have become essential for just about every drink that isn’t water. Work pretty well even with a thick smoothie with lots of berry seeds as the straw doesn’t compress if you suck hard.

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