Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Competition

dyson hairdyer with attachments

This competition has ended and the winner is Beth Reid.

If you have not seen it yet please read our Impartial Review of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.

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  • I’ve been watching these for a while, all the reviews say how good they are. But being a student I won’t be able to afford 299 for a long time. Hopefully in a few years rivals will be just as good for much less.

    • Would love this beast, I detest having to blow dry my unruly long thick hair but I’m sure that’s all about to change ???

    • No worries, glad you figured it out. The widget to enter is at the top of the page and sometimes takes a few seconds to load.

  • Wow amazing review, thank you, ive had my eye on one ever since they were realesed, so i want to say a massive tank you for giving one away. I bet after buying one of there you’d never have to replace it i love dyson

  • When you have hair like “Monica” from friends anything that will show my frizzy hair some love would be fantastic thank you Nest & Glow

  • What a great review, answered my questions surrounding if it is worth the investment. At this point in time due to the price tag (which by the sounds of it is quite fair) I think it is something a lot of people will just dream about, but hopefully within time it will be a lot more affordable for everyone out there! It is a genius idea, if anyone could make it work it is Dyson!

  • It looks like a fabulous product I would love to have one i will be asking for birthday and christmas,mothers day, and anivesary combined present

  • I`ve seen a demo at John Lewis. I`m a big fan of Dyson products. It`s so quiet, no more of that awful racket. My favourite feature is the heat sensor so won`t burn my scalp. I love the touch of Fuchsia colour. With the attachments it`s the same size as my current hair dryer. Great but I wouldn`t invest in it.

  • I have heard a lot of good things about this hairdryer all from my daughter who is desperately trying her best to convince me that I should buy her one!!

  • It does seem expensive, but it appears to be very high quality, so hopefully, it would last so much longer, and in the long term, not appear so expensive. Also, if it does a better job, leaving hair looking and feeling better, that all adds to the whole cost/value equation. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and I do feel it has been worth the extra cost, so I will keep an open mind.

  • My wife and daughter want one of theses they have told me how great they are and from reading the reviews I am impressed myself we do love the dyson products.

  • These look incredible-so quiet and yet so powerful and effective! I have an inner ear problem, as well as tinnitus and that makes ‘normal’ hair dryers, quite literally, a pain and-as my hair is super thick and wavy-I tend to let it air dry a lot of the time and ‘suffer’ blow drying when I need to look my best but these might well be an innovation that could change that. Just a shame they are currently so much money. ūüôĀ

  • I want one of these sooooo badly!!! I only have fine hair but it gets frizzed up and damaged by normal hairdryers so I’m really interested in buying one

  • would really love to try this out seen it on the news a while back looked like a really cool invention ūüôā

  • I would really love to wine this for my daughter who has long thick hair that takes an age to dry.This would be perfect and would make such a huge difference to her

  • I would love to win this. My daughers’ and I have very thick hair and my arm aches from holding a normal hairdryer

  • When my family come to stay they always make fun of my 35 year old hairdryer! How I would love to hand my grand-daughter this wonderful Dyson and see the look on her face!

  • Omg this product would be amazing for my thick hair that takes an hr to dry normally with the dryer that I own at moment

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