11 Favorite Teas at the moment

I’m a big tea fan, in fact I have a cupboard full of them. In no particular order may I present the 11 teas I’m enjoying at the moment. You may notice a theme.

I’ve only listed teas that contain no sugar or flavorings. Many are organic and wild.

Waitrose Peppermint Nettle & Ginkgo

with ginger root, very refreshing and earthy tea


Pukka Three Ginger

Sightly spicy golden tea with ginger, galangal and turmeric.


YogiTea Detox

Mainly licorice root with cinnamon, burdock and dandelion.


Pukka Peppermint and Licorice

Freshening mint with sweet licorice


Pukka Three Mint

Three types of mint, I’ve no idea what field mint is but these three together really work well.


Clipper Fennel

100% pure fennel, it is as the box says, comforting. I got addicted to fennel after kingfishers fennel toothpaste.


Lidl Peppermint and Licorice

Yes two of the same types of tea, this seems sweeter than the Pukka tea but still no added sugar.


Dragonfly Cape Malay Chai

Delicious spiced rooibos tea with cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and chicory.


Nettle and Peppermint

No we haven’t had this before although it may seem familiar. Refreshing mint with earthy nettle.


Balcony Thyme Chai

Another delicious spiced tea with wild thyme from the med


Heath & Heather Nettle Tea

100% nettle tea. Very refreshing and feels like it does you the world of good. Apparently nettles have some of the deepest roots so can get nutrients most other plants cant. This is why nettle is said to be so nutritious.


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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of trying the Heath and Heather nettle tea a dear friend brought round for me once. I agree with you it is so refreshing!! I felt soothingly hydrated afterwards. It;s a staple in my tea cupboard now. Eloise, I look forward to working my way through your top 11. Thanks. Jeanette

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