Minted Broccoli and Peas Recipe

minted broccoli and peas

This is one of my go to meals when I want something healthy, fast and comforting. I love the green on green on green and it contains a decent amount of protein.

Minted Broccoli and Peas Recipe

  • Total time: 10m
  • Yield: 2 portions
  • Calories: 190 cal


  • Head of broccoli
  • Handful if peas
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • Splash of sesame oil
  • Sprinkling of cayenne pepper


  1. Steam the broccoli and peas until cooked to preference. I do 5 mins on a medium heat for al dente.
  2. Chop mint finely.
  3. Sprinkle on cooked veg the mint, cayenne and sesame oil. Add salt to taste.
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3.5/52 ratings


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