Chocolate Avocado Mousse Fruit

Chocolate Avocado Fruit

This new Chocolate Avocado Mousse fruit has been created 100% naturally and without any GMOs. Growers have been able to cross-pollinate Avocados, Dates, Cacao and a Potato Masher to come up with the amazing chocolate avocado desert fruit!

The natural high-fat content from avocados gives this fruit a creamy texture, the dates add intense sweetness, the cocoa adds a deep chocolate flavour and the potato masher gives a smooth mousse like consistency. Full of heart-healthy avocado and raw chocolate fats.

Finally the holy grail of healthy deserts has been created naturally. It could revolutionise snacking on the go as it can be stored outside of the fridge for several days once ripe. No prep is needed other than slicing it open.

It currently grows only in Dang-Lest-Won, a small island in East Indonesia. The growers behind it believe can be cultivated in many tropical countries that are able to grow coffee

The fruit contains a stone but this is 100% cacao. It is bitter on its own but melted in a pan with some milk and sweetener (such as maple) it makes an excellent hot chocolate.

Chocolate Cocoa Avocado Fruit with a solid cacao stone

You can see from the video how glossy and smooth the chocolate avocado desert is – it was hard not to get it on my fingers while testing it out. The price is unknown at the moment and it might be expensive to start with, but this is likely to go down as more countries start growing this amazing fruit.

The chocolate avocado fruit lasts for about 3 weeks after being picked if it is refrigerated. This means it does not need to be air flown from Asia to Europe.

It is not yet available commercially but we have been able to test a few out and they do indeed taste great. They are expected to be available commercially by summer 2019. In the mean time for a similar taste try our Chocolate Avocado Desert or our Quinoa Chocolate Avocado Cake recipes.

raw chocolate salted caramel mousse

UPDATE: This was released on the 1st April 2017 as our April fools. Did the potato masher give it away? Or did you work out that Dang-Lest-Won is an anagram of Nest and Glow? This is one fruit that would be great to exist – especially with a solid cacao stone. The mousse made for this video did taste as good as it looks though! See the recipe above.

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