Mocha Coffee Cream Eggs Recipe

mocha coffee cream egg recipe

Easy vegan mocha eggs made using cashew nuts and dark chocolate. These mocha coffee cream eggs are a great easter recipe. They can be a bit messy with the mocha caramel fondant filling but they are fun to make when you have the time. Suitable for vegan, dairy free, plant based and general healthy diets.

No dairy is needed as they are filled with a cashew cream. The cashews add sweetness, creaminess and heart healthy fats. You can use any sweetener you like in the recipe. To make this suitable for a raw vegan diet mix 1/3 cacao powder with 1/3 sweetener and 1/3 coconut/cacao oil.

healhty mocha coffee filled eggs

Mocha Coffee Cream Eggs Recipe

  • Total time: 20m
  • Yield: 6/12 eggs
  • Calories: 310 cal


  • 4.4 oz / 125 g Chocolate
  • 1.5 cups / 200 g Cashews
  • 1/3 cup / 80 ml Maple or coconut or any syrup
  • 1/3 cup / 80 ml Coconut oil
  • 2 shots Espresso
  • 1 tbsp Cacao
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 pinch Salt


  1. Chop the chocolate.
  2. Melt 3/4 using a double boiler, remove from the heat and then add the last 1/4. This is an easy way to temper the chocolate.
  3. Pour into your mould and then tilt as it drys to try to make a thick even coating of chocolate. Coat twice if you think it’s too thin. Place chocolate in the freezer to set while you make the filling.
  4. Blend all the other ingredients together until smooth. Use a small blender jug and shake while blending.
  5. Add a few tbsp of water if it’s too thick to blend.
  6. Turn out the egg chocolate shells and spoon in the mocha filling.
  7. Press together and then chill for an hour to set.
  8. Store in the fridge and enjoy within a week.

Mocha Coffee Cream Eggs Video Recipe

In factories, they combine the two moulds together and then have rotating machines that look like a rollercoaster (very similar to a slower version of the samurai at Thorpe park). Without any machinery I filled the mould and then slowly rotated for 10 mins in a cool garden. Try to put the same amount of chocolate in each egg shape so the chocolate gets to the edges of each egg at the same time. As you can see mine weren’t too neat – but that doesn’t matter as the mocha filling glues them together and I like the rustic look ;).

Mocha Coffee Cream Egg Half eaten with vegan caramel oozing out

You can use coffee replacement instead of espresso – in the video I used chicory root coffee but there are plenty of different types of caffeine free “coffees”. If you want to make this caffeine free make the shell from 1/3 carob powder with the same amount of sweetener and coconut oil.

Coffee caramel vegan cream egg

I was originally going to make a raw vegan Cadbury creme egg. I saw one about ten years ago ones at (the now defunked) Pure Food and Wine in NYC. It turns out lots of people have re-created this recipe already. So instead I’ve made a vegan mocha cream egg as someone suggested a mocha cheesecake and this has already been done many times but I think this is the first vegan / refined sugar-free mocha cream egg. UPDATE Almost 6’000 people voted for a Cadbury Cream Egg so I have made a raw vegan/plant based cream egg, I couldn’t see a raw vegan cadbury cream egg made with cashews so hopefully this is unique.

vegan mocha cream egg

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