Cotton Candy Grapes

cotton candy healthy grapes

Cotton candy is definitely not part of a healthy diet. It’s just sugar with artificial colours and flavours making it possibly one of the worst foods for you. However cotton candy grapes are the total opposite being a natural fruit with a  cotton candy taste.

Pop a few in your mouth and you will get that nostagic fairground candy floss taste without any gilt. For a short time only they are back in shops but hurry as they are expected to disappear at the end of October and not return until at least August.

cotton candy grapes

Wildly available in North America and Europe. They are most commonly grown in Chile and California.

Cotton candy grapes are non-GMO and have been made through natural cross-breeding of selected varieties of grapes to develop the desired characteristics.  Selective breeding of produce has been practised for thousands of years. It’s why broccoli and sprouts aren’t bitter anymore as the sweeter varieties have been breed to reduce bitterness.

Other Interesting Fruits Available Now For a Limited Time

moon drop grapes

Moon  Drop Grapes

These very sweet grapes first appeared in 2017 in very short supply. They are named after candy due to their shape and taste.  Moon drop grapes are firm enough to be snapped in half. They are in season from August to October but again in limited supply.

teardrop grapes

Teardrop Grapes

Witch finger grapes have been around for over 5 years although at first they were called chilli pepper grapes. They have been rebranded again as teardrop grapes due to public demand as many were off put with a food called finger.

Teardrop grapes are said to be sweeter than other grapes as they are left to ripen for much longer on the vine. Available for a short amount of time from the summer until Halloween but in limited numbers.

kiwi berry

Kiwi Berry

A mini version of a kiwifruit with a smooth hairless skin. Miniature kiwi fruits have been available for many years, but always at a huge premium. Now many mass market supermarkets are stocking them at reasonable prices although the season is short due to issues with transporting and shelf life. They are native to china.

Looking for a cashew cheesecake recipe that looks like cotton candy? Look no more

raw vegan cotton candy cake recipe

Have you tried any more unusal varieties of grapes or grape sized fruits? Let me know in the comments below

moon drop healthy grapes

6 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Grapes”

  1. I saw the moon drop grapes at a Kroger store near me and I am always trying different things out I bought them and shared them with friends. They were afraid to eat them until I said just taste them and then they all wanted to know where I bought them but by then the store had sold out of the grapes. I just found out where they are grown and I will be watching for them to come to my area. Love the moon drop grapes and I will try to get the other grapes, cotton candy and tear drop grapes also.

  2. You forgot my favorites – gum drop grapes! The best ones taste just like lychee fruit…YUM. Tip – When I buy these grapes, I wash them, let them dry, and then *freeze* them! They keep longer and taste just like mini popsicles, but they’re healthier. When I have these in my freezer, I don’t crave ice cream.

  3. I discovered these at Kroger this year and I love them. Not usually a grape eater but I can’t resist these. I told my brother about them and he will literally hunt for them. Didn’t know you could freeze them. My freezer would be full of them if I had known sooner.

  4. Love love love the moon drop grapes….I keep grapes in the freezer all the time….so sorry I did not do this with the moon drops….bet I do this year!!

  5. My local Publix sells these and also some newer flavors. They have gummy bear grapes and candy heart grapes and they are delicious!

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