How to Juice Without a Juicer

juice without a juicer using a blender

No Juicer no problem. You can juice with a normal blender and actually it’s quicker, easier and less cleaning is required.

I have a masticating slow juicer and its great. But when its just one person wanting a juice ASAP it’s too much effort to get the juicer out and deal with the dismantling and cleaning.

Instead I get the blender out, whiz up and then squish using a nut milk bag. This bag is just a mesh bag made of nylon that makes it quick to extract juice. Its actually very satisfying squeezing every drop of juice out.

Please see the video above for more details. If you don’t have a blender with a tamper (the stick to push towards the blade) just add a bit of water to your blender.

The slow masticated juicer does make better quality juice that lasts longer. The blender method means the juice will degrade and oxidate quickly so should be drunk immediately. The slow masticating juicer squeezes at a low speed so does not rip up all the fibres so the juice lasts longer. When I want a large juice that will be drunk over a few hours I would still use the juicer.

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2 thoughts on “How to Juice Without a Juicer”

  1. Why would you want to juice manually when you have an awesome juicer already? As you can see, I own a juicing site, so I am slightly biased but really, just because you don’t want to make up too much juice, you’re not going to use something that will not only make better juice, but make your life easier????

    Anyway, all the best with manually extracting the juice of an apple LOL!

    1. I don’t think I’ve used my juicer in years actually, its a hurome slow juicer. Its good but fiddly to clean especially the spout bit that gets jammed with celery.

      You maybe a tad biased 😉 but what’s the best juicer these days?

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