This Machine Regrows Any Fruit or Veg in Hours!

grow pineapple in 13 hours

April 1st 2018, I’m pleased to finally share with you a machine I’ve been working on to help stop people from ever having to run out of fruit or vegetables! The Nest and Glow Grow machine can re-grow just about any fruit or vegetables in a few hours.

Nest and Glow Grow Avocado Seed

Simply take a seed from an existing fruit or vegetable, cover with 3 cups of freshly cut grass and 1 cup of water. Place into Nest and Glow Grow and set the timer then enjoy your fresh produce in a few hours.

Regrow fruit with fresh grass

You can use any drinkable water with the Nest and Glow Grow machine. In tests I’ve just been using standard Somerset tap water.

1 cup water

After 6 hours a perfectly ripe avocado or two is grown and ready to eat!

Home Grown avocado

Based on NASA Technology Developed in the IIS

The core technology for this was developed by NASA in the International Space Station as a way to make sure that astronauts constantly have a supply of fresh avocados. It was eventually abandoned as they couldn’t find any grass in space.

Never Need to Mow the Lawn Again

This machine not only helps grow food but also means that you never need to cut the grass again! In fact you may be cutting other peoples grass for them just to have more fresh grass. No need for anything expensive to make this work – just water and grass.

Bananas grown in 9 3/4 hours

Perfectly Ripe

If the growing cycle finishes and the produce is not ripe enough for you then simply return to the Nest and Glow Grow for longer. Green peppers will turn red with 1-hour growing and yellow bananas will turn brown and really ripe with 150 mins extra growing time.

home grown vine fruit

Mediterranian and Tropical Growing Conditions

The Nest and Glow Grow is ideally suited to growing tropical and Mediterranian produce anywhere. Some does take a while, like manago that takes 42 hours. But it’s worth it in the end.

Early Prototype in Action

The video below is a very early prototype of the Nest and Glow Grow in action. This is just an example of the many fruit it can re-grow.

Buy Nest and Glow Grow

Currently it’s still in the prototype stages and we are not taking any pre-orders yet. But follow Nest and Glow on all social media @nestandglow to stay updated!


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