24 Hour Pickles Recipe

24 Hour Pickled Gherkins

These 24 hour Pickles taste and look like shop bought ones but they are raw and much healthier. Simple to make – stir in ingredients for the pickling solution, slice the cucumbers and put in the pickling solution for 24 hours.

You can use normal cucumbers for this and they work great. For the pictures here I did happen to use snack cucumbers, these are just little cucumbers.

  • Total time: 12h 20m
  • Yield: 16 gherkins
  • Calories: 10 cal
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24 Hour Pickled Gherkins Recipe


  • Cucumber, cut to 0.5-1 cm slices. Make enough of the liquid below to cover them
  • Water, 200 ml boiled and cooled
  • Apple cider vinegar, 4 tbsp
  • Salt, 1 tbsp
  • Peppercorns, 1 tbsp
  • Cumin, 1 tbsp
  • Dried herbs, 1 tbsp

You can replace the peppercorns, cumin and dried herbs with other spices and dried herbs if you prefer.

How to make

  • Mix everything for the solution and stir until all of the salt is dissolved.
  • Slice the cucumbers to about 0.5-1 cm thick pieces.
  • Add the cucumbers to the solution.
  • Insure that liquid covers them all. If not make a bit more solution to cover them, but scale it to the amount you need.
  • Leave for 24 hours without a lid (cover with muslin if your worried about flies) at room temp.
  • After 24 hours they are pickled and ready to eat.
  • Put on a lid and store in the fridge where they will last several weeks.

24 Hour Pickled Gherkins in a jar

24 Hour Pickled Gherkins Video Recipe

Pickled gherkins go so well with many dishes (on salad or with falafel are my faves) but the shop bought ones are high in sugar, salt and preservatives. These do have some salt, but its much lower as these gherkins last weeks not years. These gherkins have that the same tangy taste, soft crunch and dark green colour.
24 Hour Pickled Gherkins on a plate

Many recipes call to boil the apple cider vinegar however I wasn’t keen on this as it destroys much of the goodness. This is important to sterilise if you are planning on preserving for months / years at an ambient temperature. However I would rather have heather gherkins that have a shelf life of a few weeks so created this recipe. These must be stored in the fridge after the 24 hour pickling and consumed within a couple of weeks.

ingredients for 24 Hour Pickled Gherkins

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