Pineapple Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Zero Waste and Budget Decoration

Pineapple Christmas trees are the perfect way for anyone to decorate their place for Christmas even without a budget or wanting to cause wastage. They won’t take up any storage space and a great way to make them useful while they ripen! No matter how small your place is you can use your creativity to add a Christmas tree!

pineapple xmas tree

For an inverted pineapple Christmas tree just use the stem and hold a star above made from the core using a cocktail stick.

pineapple tree decorations

It’s been a German tradition for hundreds of years to decorate trees with fresh fruit. So why not decorate a pineapple with fruit?

pineapple free fruit

If cherries are in season where you are they would make a great decoration for your pineapple tree.

rough pineapple tree

Use anything you have at home to decorate your pineapple Christmas tree. Re-use and recycle just about anything that works!

inverted pineapple tree

Hang small peppers from your pineapple Christmas tree for a fully edible Christmas tree.

pineapple tree recycle plastic

Plastic takes millions of years to fully decompose and its often discarded after 0.0000001% of the way through its life. For this reason, I avoid plastic where possible and try to use items that won’t exist after I’m gone. See further below for compostable tree decoration ideas.

pineapple tree quick

Anything works when decorating a pineapple as a Christmas tree!

sunglasses pineapple tree

I can’t find the source of this funky pineapple with sunglasses and purple Baubles but its too good not to include!

Pineapple Christmas Tree

Compostable Christmas Decorations

Dried Oranges

dried Orange Slices

Dried oranges look great as a Christmas decoration and can still be used to make a cup of tea after you’re done with them making them zero waste. Just use dried oranges as tea within a month of making else there will be no flavour left. Steep the dried oranges in hot water and add spices.

Popcorn and Cranberries

popcorn and cranberries

Popcorn was a traditional Christmas tree decoration mainly because of how cheap it is, that’s the same reason it’s a popular cinema snack. Air blown 100% popcorn is a perfect tree decoration and while you won’t be able to eat it if you use a natural fibre to thread it then it will compost in a matter of weeks.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can thread popcorn with cranberries.

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