Encourage the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Animals Without a Home

toy promote adoption

This toy has been designed in order to encourage people to rescue and rehome animals that are searching for a new home.

Across the world there are millions of animals looking for a loving new home. Sadly most people want a kitten or a puppy.

They’re missing out as there are so many older animals out there with lots of love to give.

Starting With a Matted Ball

You receive a matted ball of fur with some eyes. Not much to look at but appearances can be deceiving.

toy promote adoption

Give Them A Bath

Submerge the ball with eyes in water and massage to give them a good bath. The toy will start to unfold and get bigger.

toy promote adoption

Dry Them Off

After their bath, give them a good drying off. You will find out if you’re adopting a dog, cat or rabbit.

toy promote adoption

Comb Their Fur

Use the supplied comb to brush out all the matted and tangled hair. After another quick dry the toy will start to get really fluffy.

An Adorable Cute Fluffy Toy

Nothing worth having comes easy. After bathing, drying and combing the animal you will get a perfect looking fluffy toy that means so much more as you’ve been on a journey together.

I love this toy as it’s a great reminder for all of us to look above the surface level and to put time and effort into something. Sometimes someone can look in a mess but all they need is someone to give them some tender loving care and attention. All too often people want instant gratification.

When you receive something instantly it isn’t worth as much because you haven’t had to work for it.

Even if you would like a designer dog or cat there is no need to buy from a breeder. You may have to travel and wait for a bit, but that will make it even more worthwhile. In the end and you will have a clear conscience from rehoming and giving a loving home to an animal in need.

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2 thoughts on “Encourage the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Animals Without a Home”

  1. Hi Bastian, I understand the educational purpose of the toy, but concerned about the materials it is made of (the fur, eyes, the agent used to coat the fur and colouring product.) The website does not provide this information and this raises concerns about possible toxicity not only when washing it but also for the children that love to hug and kiss their plush animals.

    1. Hi there, totally understand your concern. I will investigate more before publishing articles like this nex time, just thought it was a neat idea

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