Caterpillars, Hoverflies and Bees Enjoying Ragwort

Wildlife around ragwort

Ragwort is a common wild flower in northern Europe. Sometimes known as stinking willie. It often pops up in my garden in England and is very popular with the wildlife. See all the caterpillars, hoverflies, bees and other critters that gather round it.

caterpillars on ragwort caterpillars enjoying ragwort caterpillars feasting on ragwort one hungary caterpillar upside down on ragwort Bee and caterpillar eating ragwort What is the flying critter hovering on the ragwort? sucking the nectar from ragwort wild ragwort in england bee flying over ragwort a spider in the grass a bee flying over ragwort

Ragwort is poisonous to certain animals such as horses so it should be destroyed if there are any nearby.

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