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Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake Recipe

Quick and easy recipe for raw dairy-free milkshake that is delicious. It contains loads of nutrition – a few portions of fruit, healthy fats and protein from the nuts. It has a deep flavour from the cocoa / cacao. It’s the perfect mix of sweet, bitter and creamy. A glass of this will wake you up and keep you full until lunch. Suitable for vegan, dairy free, gluten free, plant based and general whole foods healthy diets.

Perfect if you are trying to give up a morning coffee, and are used to the very sweet flavoured coffees that are loaded with sugar syrup. All the sweetness from this milkshake comes from fruit. Normal dates are used in this to give a sweet fudgy flavour, just make sure that they have been pitted.

A yummy recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake Recipe

  • Total time: 5m
  • Yield: 1 pint serving
  • Calories: 240 cal


  • 2 bananas, frozen work best as they make the drink chilled
  • ¼ cup / 35 g hazelnuts, I use raw but you can use toasted if you prefer
  • 1-2 tbsp cocoa / cacao, 2 if you like dark chocolate
  • 6-9 dates, just normal ones will do – but make sure they are pitted
  • 1 cup / 250 ml water, cold is preferable

How to make

  1. Place everything in the blender and blend until it’s smooth. You will hear the difference when all the nuts have been broken up.
  2. Drink as soon as it’s made, garnish with a sprinkle of cocoa and a slice of banana if you like.
  3. To make it more fudgy add more dates, I often do this before a big day when I need the energy.

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake Video Recipe

I deliberately don’t use any pre-made dairy free milk as it’s expensive, often not that healthy and usually very low in nuts / seeds (almond milk can be <1% almonds). It saves time just blending everything together in one and no additives or nasties are added. Hazelnuts blend smooth in my standard 600w blender and give a rich creamy dairy free texture. Full of heart healthy fats.

A glass of chocolate banana fudge dairy free milk shake

Depending on how much you like cocoa / cacao add 1 or 2 tbsp. I like a dark and slightly bitter chocolate milkshake so add two heaped tbsp. If you prefer a sweeter milkshake just add 1, then taste as you can always add more.

easy, raw vegan and healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Fudge Milkshake Recipe

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