Dyson Hairdryer Impartial Review – a Good Investment?

dyson hairdyer impartial review

For decades Dyson have been known for sucking with their market leading vacuum cleaners. In recent years they have branched out to blowing with fans and supersonic hand driers. Now after many years of research costing £50 million and using 1.6 million meters of human hair comes the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.

dyson hairdyers in different colours

Dyson claims its hairdryer is different from all the competition as it has a mighty powerful directed airflow and a smart thermostat to prevent scorching hair and getting split ends. The thermostat claims to check the temperature an impressive 20 times a second. However none of this comes cheap as it retails for £299 in the UK.

First impressions when un-boxing are it oozes quality and is a beautiful piece of kit. It comes with 2 nozzles, a diffuser and a mat. The hairdrier is significantly lighter than my existing Parlux compact. All of the attachments are connected by magnets and feel very secure when in use.

dyson hairdyer with attachments

This little device packs a big punch as its more powerful than my existing Parlux but outputs half the noise – you could have a conversation over the noise of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. The small framed Dyson is so much easier to use being far more comfortable holding for the 15 minutes it often takes me dry my hair before styling. It took just 6 minutes to dry my thick hair with the Dyson. I was astounded by how quick the Dyson is.

dyson hairdyer with limited edition box

After using my hair did look glossier than usual with a shine on the ends that I usually need to use a straightener to achieve. It was much easier on my hand being lighter and quicker. I was reluctant to believe the hype of this device but for me and my thick hair it lived up to it. Costing almost 4 times the Parlux compact it wasn’t cheap. But it seems like a quality piece of kit that will last and just going on the time saved then over a few years I think it will be a very worthwhile investment. It wasn’t just quicker as my hair felt and looked better than usual and for me that is priceless.

dyson hairdyer impartial review

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    • I’m a lover of all Dyson products. Their vacuum cleaners are amazing and their tower fans rock! Very excited for the hairdryer..I have the thickest hair in the world and just know this will cut down trying time. Bring it on!!

  • I feel like it would have to come round and clean my house afterwards to justify the price. Do people really spend £300 on a hairdryer? I spent £80 on a Parlux and I thought that was steep enough.

  • A great review, I think the hairdryer looks so futuristic too which I like , would be amazing to own one of these

  • I had seen this advertised but like everything Dyson it is way over priced. As others have said in the comments, do people really pay £300 for a hairdryer? Id want it to cut style and dye my hair for that price. But I did enjoy your review though.

  • looks excellent, but so very expensive, makes the GHD Hair Dryer that my Wife has her eye on seem like a bargain!

  • Looks amazing but i dont think i could part with £300 for a hairdryer.. most i have ever spent on one is £20! 🙂
    Thanks for the great review

  • I have been lusting after one of these but they seem quite pricey. I currently have the GHD Air and am not sure whether this would be an improvement on that is respect to quickness of drying.

  • This hairdryer sounds absolutely amazing and who wouldn’t want to buy the best for their hair, unfortunately it’s not something I could just go out and buy as for all its fantastic features and what it does it is very expensive,I’d have to be a lotto winner to own this great hairdryer

  • its amazing how you can have something that does the job perfectly but people can still design things that are better! this looks really good! likes funky too.

  • A fantastic sounding and looking product. Although dyson are expensive I have always found that their products are reliable and built to last.

  • This sounds fantastic but I shouldn’t be surprised,Dyson still leads the way with vacuum cleaners,then along came the fans,unbelievable,I still don’t understand how they work and now hairdriers,I WANT ONE !,sorry,please may I have one as I’ll have to win one as they are way out of my budget.Another winner for Dyson I think x

  • Sounds amazing. I don’t use hairdryers very often, but this one sounds like it won’t dry out my hair.

  • Your hair sounds a lot like mine so I was really interested to see how well it worked for you… but I suppose with such a high price point it should work!

    Maybe I’ll start saving some pennies.. thank you for a great review.

    Hannah x

  • This honestly looks amazing! Pricey but definitely has the wow factor! Shame it’s only affordable if your a celebrity lol xx

  • Would love to try this. I blow dry my curly hair straight and it takes ages. Would probably be a lot easier with this. Tad pricey though.

  • Luxery
    I would wash my whole families hair every day, just so i could use this hairdrier 5 times a day.
    What a brilliant product.

  • Love Dyson products and whilst this hairdryer sounds impressive the price tag is way too much for me to consider paying for a hairdryer.

  • I was so excited about this, I love my Dyson products and have been a huge fan for many years, but as with all the Dyson products, they aren’t exactly cheap! It’s great to read a good review, makes it sound brilliant (I need one! haha), despite the high price!

  • Find the price of this hairdryer extortionate however I would love to see what kind of results I would get from this as my current hairdryer tends to leave my hair with flyaways and I love how it only took you 6 minutes to dry your super thick hair as mine too is super thick but currently takes me around 25-30 minutes to fully dry my hair it looks so stylish!

  • My hair is so thick it takes forever to dry. I usually dread the drying part. Would love to try this but with a pricetag like this its well out of reach for me so I will keep my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

  • looks amazing, sounds amazing too. should be for the price! still until you try it you won’t know if its worth the money

  • I’ve seen the fan and I just can’t work out how it works. It is so clever. I respect James Dyson for his creations and for making vacuum cleaners cool, but I wish he could do it a bit cheaper!

  • I have never seen a hair dryer like this before looks quite exciting and I can almost see it being used in a science Fiction film such as Star Trek.

  • Great review. Cant believe how exoensive this is. Surely not made for normal people with that price. Aimed for the richer market!

  • It sounds interesting. If it took just 6 minutes to dry your hair, mine should take about 2 minutes. I have fine wavy hair. No comment as to how it works on curly hair and whether it stops the dreaded frizz problem that normal hairdryers cause, but it would need to be reviewed by a curly haired person to know for sure. Of course, the manufacturer would state that it doesn’t cause frizz. Interesting shape too.

  • After reading the review this sounds just what I need. My hair tends to be dry and like straw but in the review it says it left her hair more glossy and helped prevent split ends. The quietness is a plus too for when I am drying my hair in the mornings and my partner is still in bed trying to sleep. Also the lightness and ease of use (now I’m getting on a bit and have a little bit of arthritis in my fingers). I would love to try one of these but the price tag does put me off to be honest.

  • I’m a dyson fan (with exception of the washing machine that shredded clothes) it might be good at drying hair but it looks very stylish

  • This sounds exactly what I need to have good hair days and not bad ones. However tad out of my price range. Thank you for your review, maybe I can add it to my Christmas wish list 🙂

  • Really interested in this hair dryer but I am just wondering if I can justify the price, I dream of glossy hair and I brought the GHD hair dryer but it is quite heavy and also dries my hair out quite a bit…. I love the sound of this though and wondering if I start saving now…hahah Could I possibl own one by the end of the year 🙂 Great review!

  • This hairdryer sounds amazing and I love the detailed honest review! I have awful frizzy hair so my hairdryer goes everywhere with me. I normally purchase cheaper hairdryers that do not last long as they cannot cope with the thickness of my hair! Maybe I will have to invest 🙂


  • I have really thick hair too, so it take me forever to dry. 6mins compared to 15mins sounds AMAZING! plus it’s lighter. As my arm aches so much from drying I have to wait a bit before waving around my arm again haha.

  • a great review, whats not to love about dyson…however the goodwife now has one wrote down on her birthday list…sadly way too expensive

  • This hairdryer sounds perfect, I also have long thick curly hair which takes forever to dry, and I’m not the most patient person. If I had one of these I wouldn’t be running to work with half damp hair!

  • It looks so good and I love the shape, must be quite strange to use at first but I’m sure it’s something I’d get used to!
    One of these is definitely on my wishlist!

  • Wow it sounds amazing! I like the fact that it is quiter than most hairdryer, some can be so noisy! It looks like a perfect fit for dainty hands 🙂

  • I would absolutely love one of these; if only I could afford it! I have EDS and my shoulders and neck are the most affected (currently in a sling!); so any time I can shave off (no pun intended) from having my arms up saves me a huge amount of energy and pain!!

  • I would love to try the Dyson Hairdryer, it sounds really good! But, unfortunately it is way out of my price range 🙁 Great review though 🙂

  • I really love Dyson products, I have found them to be really well made and although expensive seem to be value for money.

  • I’ve read quite a few reviews on this, I’d love to try it but it’s waaay out of my price range. It’s a very good looking hair dryer though 😛

  • £300 for a hairdryer :O. Very good review on this Dyson hairdryer, If it speeds up hair drying then i’ll need one for my fiance to speed her up a little.

  • This is the most awaited product of the year (for a hairdresser). Would be great to actually own one for my own personal use but I’m afraid my wages won’t stretch that far…. 🙁
    6 minutes to dry your thick hair sounds amazing, gone would be the endless hour of sat trying to dry my thick mop.

  • Extortionate price, but it is Dyson and they obviously feel they can get away with it! It does sound pretty amazing and looks good, though I’m not sure that much power would be such a good idea for fine hair? Luckily I have thick hair, so I have good reason to really want to try this out and hopefully not have too much of a hair-raising experience! Thanks for a great review and, of course, the opportunity to win such a great prize …

  • Not the cheapest hairdryer, however the quality in Dyson products is top class and I cant see this as anything less.

  • Wow, what a fabulous hairdryer. Having long thick hair is always problematic drying; dyson’s technology will hopefully rectify this for me ?

  • Dyson products are always great value for money in the long run so I imagine that the seemingly hefty price tag would be favourable over a long period of time. You get what you pay for with Dyson. The styling is amazing!

  • its very expensive although seems to get the job done according to your review so maybe when i win the lottery!

  • Expensive but very desirable, a bit like the Apple Watch. Not sure what the guarantee is but for the price of 3 or 4 hair salon visits it’s probably a good investment, especially if every day becomes a good hair day 🙂

  • I have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Dyson Hairdryer!! If companies like Dyson didn’t invest huge amounts of money to reinvent electrical items they would stay the same. I think it’s great that they shake up the market and if we weren’t in the process of buying our first home I would buy one or put it on my Christmas list! It sounds fantastic and loving the latest gadgets isn’t just a pastime for men! :0) x

  • For sure the hairdryer design of the future but at more than 10x the price of hairdryers I have seen in Tesco is it really worth it? My girlfriend says yes – I however disagree.

  • I would love to try this hairdryer but cannot justify the price, if i win it however then that’s a different story

  • I saw an advert for this the other day very futuristic looking I need it! and the review makes sure I’m gonna buy one now

  • I bought it and for me it is worth every cent. I wash and blow dry my hair everyday otherwise it looks like a frizz ball. My hair is very wavy and in some parts even curly. It’s also white/grey and just has to look groomed as it is shoulder length and not a wash and wear style. The Dyson has left my hair looking as though I have left the hairdressers. Stayed that way all day despite the weather being freezing. I do, however, use quality hairdressing products and enjoy working on my hair. All up the blow dry took 15 mins and left NO FRIZZ and my hair was straight. For someone who is into “hair” the Dyson is worth it. I was teased at work for spending the money but when they saw the results they conceded it was worth every cent. Not for everyone sure, but for me it’s been a great purchase.

  • I think it’s far too expensive for a hairdryer, but it’s good to know it lives up to the hype! Anything with new technology is a thumbs up from me though!

  • Looks and sounds amazing but definitely too steep for me to go and personally buy for myself. It looks so modern though I would love one.

  • The Dyson vacuums are light years ahead of the competition and it looks as if their hairdryer is the same. Besides, it is a work of art!

  • Would love something so luxurious as this. But very pricy who would actually pay that much for a hair dryer lol x

  • It looks and sounds fantastic, I like how it’s lightweight, quiet and quick to dry your hair. Leaving it in great condition without having to get the straighteners out, but why do they have to be so expensive (would never be able to justify the price). I find it a bit weird that they’ve gone from vacuums to hairdryers.

  • It would be interesting to see for myself whether this is as effective as it is reviewed as being as personally to me a price tag like that for a gadget that dries your hair is really ridiculous! I have seen the new dyson fans that have been launched in previous months and i must say the technology of dyson products is ever changing and impressive to say the least just a wee bit overpriced in my opinion!! I would love to win good luck to everyone who entered!!

  • Finally a hairdryer that doesn’t get boiling hot and also prevents split ends. I also love how compact it is, less noise but yet more powerful. Definitely sounds like the perfect hairdryer to me. My hair could definitely do with a treat 🙂 x

  • I’m wondering if this could work magic on my hair? My hair is naturally curly and very thick but I straighten it. To blowdry it straight and straighten it can take up to two hours so anything that helps to reduce that would be a god send!

  • The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is incredible but the price is extortionate. I have loved the Parlux range for many years & have used them since I was a teen. I’m not sure if i would use a different brand. I like the fact it made your hair glossier & the ends shinier. I’m fair haired so shine is always so much harder to achieve. I do feel I’d be tempted to buy the Dyson if/when it happens to be on offer or there is a special discount. Great review. x

  • Read the review and this certainly seems a brilliant bit of kit. I love Dyson products and would love to own this but I think it will take a while to save up for one.

  • Yet another superb find! Its websites like these that make the internet ‘beautiful’.
    Loving the reviews and my OH is loving the ‘beauty pages’ (not that she needs any tips as shes beautiful already).
    Nice review on the dyson my OH would love this for her long brunette hair!

  • Wow! I didn’t know Dyson did hair dryers now. I have just ordered one of their new stick vacuums and am waiting excitedly for it to arrive. All of their items are so stylish as well as doing their job incredibly well. This hair dryer looks like it is no exception. It is stunning. I thought I was being extravagant paying £300 for a vacuum cleaner. I really don’t think I could justify that amount for a hair dryer thought however stylish or efficient it is.

  • Sounds like an awful steep price to pay for a hair dryer, I do know other products made by the same company are usually better than the competitors versions but what could a hair dryer really do that would be so much different than those already on the market, would love to find out for myself

  • Expensive, but wow! It looks and sounds fabulous! Definitely an improvement on the usual. Definitely on my birthday list!

  • I’ve been coveting one of these hair dryers for a while. There’s a part of me that hoped your review would put me off because of the high price tag!! The impressiveness of your amazing results with your hair drying experience goes without saying, but the added quickness & lightness aspects of this little beauty really caught my attention, as I struggle with my heavy Babyliss. Thanks for such a great review ?

  • The science behind Dyson fascinates me, I would love one of the fans but can’t justify the price tag! The hairdryer however is something I would consider and be very proud to own.

  • Oh wow, this hairdryer looks simply amazing! Not only does it look super-stylish, I would imagine that going on the quality of all the other Dyson products that it is fabulous quality! If only it was a little cheaper……

  • I didn’t know this existed until I saw the review on nestandglow and it is definitely something I’d love to give a go on my locks. My hair is quite thick and takes a while to dry at the best of times. I love Dyson products so this could be a good investment.

  • It’s good to see a new hairdresser whereby the designer has actually thought about redesigning and reinventing the hairdryer. You get what you pay for. As a hairdresser I spend a lot on a decent hairdryer. High street brands claim to be powerful but usually are useless!! This may be one of the best ones out there on the market. Haven’t tried it but “would love to win it!!”” Hehe

  • I like the fact that its a lot lighter than normal hairdryers as i have a real struggle with mine as my hair is ridiculously thick it takes forever to try I would like to try but the price tag would put me off if i couldn’t try before I bought it in a shop.

  • This is a great review, its nice to see real reviews that show personal opinions and show whether its really worth the money! Your review has persuaded me that its worth an investment! 🙂 So saving up my pennies!

  • Being lighter to hold is great, especially for anyone with dexterity problems. Love that hair gets dried alot quicker & a nice shine as well!

  • I’d love a decent hairdryer and this looks the business! Unfortunately a tad too expensive for me at £300! However, i’m sure it would be a decent investment and outlast me!!

  • Thanks for this review Eloise, but like so many of the other commenters I find the price tag prohibitive. However, if the price comes down it’s on my wish list for future purchase :0)

  • I’ve had lots of hairdryers over the years and I’ve never found one that I would recommend. I would love to try this one. It looks and sounds fab! x

  • My daughters hair is very long and quite dry she needs a quality dryer to dry her hair. The smart thermostat on this product would be fantastic to keep her hair looking and feeling healthy

  • This sounds amazing but the price is way too much – £299 for a hairdryer is bonkers! Heck you could buy pretty much any large white goods needed in the home for that price.

    I have to say tho I baulk at paying more than £30-50 for something like this – perhaps I am just cheap!

  • I’ve heard such great things about this hair dryer. I would love to try it for myself.
    Thank you for sharing this blog review.
    Keep up the great work.

  • my daughters a hairdresser and has been debating wether or not to buy one of these so the review was really helpful

  • I saw this on “This Morning” although extremely expensive it does look so very sleek and stylish and of course the technology is amazing, like all Dyson products.

  • It’s expensive, but by the sound of it, it maybe worth the money to invest in it! I have curly hair and it’s a struggle to get it under control and look shiny. Maybe with this hairdryer my hair would finally look half decent!

  • i would love to try this out, it looks like something from the future and as all dyson products i have tried before have been so good then i hope this will be as good too

  • I’d love one. I despise drying my hair, my hair is fine but there’s loads of it and it’s really wavy and wafty
    Anything that would dry it quicker so that it actually is complete before it starts to kink up and go frizzy would be fab!

  • Sounds like a fantastic and terrific idea to help with drying hair, and also the benefit of not damaging the hair, which sounds amazing.
    I would love to have my hair nice and shiny every day, so I reckon I would definitely use this quite a lot and once more people use it, it would get better as more people would recommend it.

  • Good to see an impartial review on the Dyson hairdryer. I so want one of these, though I think I will have to wait for Santa Claus & Christmas. I have already broached the subject with my husband and adult youngsters about buying it between them for me for Christmas.

    They looked at me as if I was daft wanting to spend this on a hairdryer. I said I dont look at them like that over their ”boys toys”

    On the whole yes I want one. Thank you for the review as it is the first 1 I have seen and has made my mind up to get one. I love this hairdryer even more now, since I have the review.

  • Absolutely love the idea of this hair dryer, I had a look at one at a local shopping centre and it was so light and user friendly.

  • The Dyson brand always suggests quality – but the prices! I’m glad your review of the hairdryer was positive and anything that saves time getting ready appeals to me!

  • I love the idea behind this and the fact it looks absolutely gorgeous, but I’d never be able to afford one unless other brands bring out their own spin on it which pushes the price down.

  • The hairdryer looks good, but surely at that price it is prohibitive for most. I would need to try it to be convinced!

  • I love both my Dyson vacuum cleaner and hot and cold fan so when I saw Dyson was bringing out a hairdryer I thought it would be pretty good. I don’t think I could justify spending that much on a hairdryer though.

  • So interesting that Dyson gone into the hair industry. My Animal Dyson is my best friend and sure I would add this hairdryer to my list too.

  • I’ve seen these and they look great, I’ve wanted one since I heard about them before they came out. Bit more than I would normally pay for a hair dryer though since my last one cost £12.50 and does the job fine. Great Review.

  • This review has been very useful, I think it has made me more likely to purchase one ( although I would wait until the price came down a bit) . I gave a Dyson vacuum cleaner and it’s one of the best things I ever bought! ?

  • It seems like a good hair drier but you have to wonder if the high price is worth the extra benefits that you get. Also only time will tell how long it will last. Hopefully the price will come down & more people will be able to afford it!

  • What an amazing product, thinking of buying my daughter one for Christmas as it’s the only way I’ll ever get to use one, it would be fantastic for my thick curly hair

  • i have never seen these before, what a fab review they sound really good as i have long thick curly hair that takes ages to dry this would save alot of time

  • Dyson makes everything look so stylish, why shouldn’t something as mundane as drying your hair look cool? Glad this has substance as well as style, too

  • So want one! Am one of those ppl who loves investing money in good quality products as I believe Dyson hair dryer is one of the best and innovative on the market right now!

  • Great review. These devices look strange but they are very good. Strangely, despite being a British product, i haven’t seen one in the UK yet. We got to test one on our recent holiday in South Korea and were impressed.

  • Thank you for a really interesting review of this hairdryer I’ve seen a lot of press about them but not enough about how it works, thanks to you I now know it’s quieter, faster and a great hairdryer,I really enjoyed reading your you covered everything I’d want to know lite noise, power times, and weight etc thank you, the only problem is now I really want one

  • Great review. I love all Dyson products but unfortunately I would never be able to afford the price tag for the hairdryer as I am unemployed and it would take me years to save up! Fantastic prize, thank you x

  • Love the idea of dyson products but they are so expensive, I remember my mum and dad skinting themselves out to get the upright vac when they first came out, I remember thinking how much I could get with that money lol

  • I’m still dreaming about a Dyson fan and now their hairdryer is on my wish list as well. They really make amazing innovative products

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