Dyson Hairdryer Impartial Review – a Good Investment?

dyson hairdyer impartial review

For decades Dyson have been known for sucking with their market leading vacuum cleaners. In recent years they have branched out to blowing with fans and supersonic hand driers. Now after many years of research costing £50 million and using 1.6 million meters of human hair comes the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.

dyson hairdyers in different colours

Dyson claims its hairdryer is different from all the competition as it has a mighty powerful directed airflow and a smart thermostat to prevent scorching hair and getting split ends. The thermostat claims to check the temperature an impressive 20 times a second. However none of this comes cheap as it retails for £299 in the UK.

First impressions when un-boxing are it oozes quality and is a beautiful piece of kit. It comes with 2 nozzles, a diffuser and a mat. The hairdrier is significantly lighter than my existing Parlux compact. All of the attachments are connected by magnets and feel very secure when in use.

dyson hairdyer with attachments

This little device packs a big punch as its more powerful than my existing Parlux but outputs half the noise – you could have a conversation over the noise of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. The small framed Dyson is so much easier to use being far more comfortable holding for the 15 minutes it often takes me dry my hair before styling. It took just 6 minutes to dry my thick hair with the Dyson. I was astounded by how quick the Dyson is.

dyson hairdyer with limited edition box

After using my hair did look glossier than usual with a shine on the ends that I usually need to use a straightener to achieve. It was much easier on my hand being lighter and quicker. I was reluctant to believe the hype of this device but for me and my thick hair it lived up to it. Costing almost 4 times the Parlux compact it wasn’t cheap. But it seems like a quality piece of kit that will last and just going on the time saved then over a few years I think it will be a very worthwhile investment. It wasn’t just quicker as my hair felt and looked better than usual and for me that is priceless.

dyson hairdyer impartial review


149 thoughts on “Dyson Hairdryer Impartial Review – a Good Investment?”

  1. The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is incredible but the price is extortionate. I have loved the Parlux range for many years & have used them since I was a teen. I’m not sure if i would use a different brand. I like the fact it made your hair glossier & the ends shinier. I’m fair haired so shine is always so much harder to achieve. I do feel I’d be tempted to buy the Dyson if/when it happens to be on offer or there is a special discount. Great review. x

  2. Pauline Burroughs

    Read the review and this certainly seems a brilliant bit of kit. I love Dyson products and would love to own this but I think it will take a while to save up for one.

  3. Yet another superb find! Its websites like these that make the internet ‘beautiful’.
    Loving the reviews and my OH is loving the ‘beauty pages’ (not that she needs any tips as shes beautiful already).
    Nice review on the dyson my OH would love this for her long brunette hair!

  4. Wow! I didn’t know Dyson did hair dryers now. I have just ordered one of their new stick vacuums and am waiting excitedly for it to arrive. All of their items are so stylish as well as doing their job incredibly well. This hair dryer looks like it is no exception. It is stunning. I thought I was being extravagant paying £300 for a vacuum cleaner. I really don’t think I could justify that amount for a hair dryer thought however stylish or efficient it is.

  5. Sounds like an awful steep price to pay for a hair dryer, I do know other products made by the same company are usually better than the competitors versions but what could a hair dryer really do that would be so much different than those already on the market, would love to find out for myself

  6. Expensive, but wow! It looks and sounds fabulous! Definitely an improvement on the usual. Definitely on my birthday list!

  7. Scarlett Orridge-Curtis

    I’ve been coveting one of these hair dryers for a while. There’s a part of me that hoped your review would put me off because of the high price tag!! The impressiveness of your amazing results with your hair drying experience goes without saying, but the added quickness & lightness aspects of this little beauty really caught my attention, as I struggle with my heavy Babyliss. Thanks for such a great review ?

  8. The science behind Dyson fascinates me, I would love one of the fans but can’t justify the price tag! The hairdryer however is something I would consider and be very proud to own.

  9. Oh wow, this hairdryer looks simply amazing! Not only does it look super-stylish, I would imagine that going on the quality of all the other Dyson products that it is fabulous quality! If only it was a little cheaper……

  10. I didn’t know this existed until I saw the review on nestandglow and it is definitely something I’d love to give a go on my locks. My hair is quite thick and takes a while to dry at the best of times. I love Dyson products so this could be a good investment.

  11. It’s good to see a new hairdresser whereby the designer has actually thought about redesigning and reinventing the hairdryer. You get what you pay for. As a hairdresser I spend a lot on a decent hairdryer. High street brands claim to be powerful but usually are useless!! This may be one of the best ones out there on the market. Haven’t tried it but “would love to win it!!”” Hehe

  12. I like the fact that its a lot lighter than normal hairdryers as i have a real struggle with mine as my hair is ridiculously thick it takes forever to try I would like to try but the price tag would put me off if i couldn’t try before I bought it in a shop.

  13. This is a great review, its nice to see real reviews that show personal opinions and show whether its really worth the money! Your review has persuaded me that its worth an investment! 🙂 So saving up my pennies!

  14. Being lighter to hold is great, especially for anyone with dexterity problems. Love that hair gets dried alot quicker & a nice shine as well!

  15. Tracey Jane Harman

    Looks like an amazing beauty appliance , the costs are prohibitive though .I would imagine the only people that could justify £300 for a hairdryer would be those in the trade .

  16. Marsha Richardson

    I’d love a decent hairdryer and this looks the business! Unfortunately a tad too expensive for me at £300! However, i’m sure it would be a decent investment and outlast me!!

  17. Thanks for this review Eloise, but like so many of the other commenters I find the price tag prohibitive. However, if the price comes down it’s on my wish list for future purchase :0)

  18. I’ve had lots of hairdryers over the years and I’ve never found one that I would recommend. I would love to try this one. It looks and sounds fab! x

  19. My daughters hair is very long and quite dry she needs a quality dryer to dry her hair. The smart thermostat on this product would be fantastic to keep her hair looking and feeling healthy

  20. This sounds amazing but the price is way too much – £299 for a hairdryer is bonkers! Heck you could buy pretty much any large white goods needed in the home for that price.

    I have to say tho I baulk at paying more than £30-50 for something like this – perhaps I am just cheap!

  21. I’ve heard such great things about this hair dryer. I would love to try it for myself.
    Thank you for sharing this blog review.
    Keep up the great work.

  22. carmel pickering

    my daughters a hairdresser and has been debating wether or not to buy one of these so the review was really helpful

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