Top 6 Fruit and Vegetables Grown in an Unusual Shape

Buddha shaped pear

Did you know you can get a pear shaped like a Buddha or a pumpkin shaped like Frankenstein’s monsters head? Well in today’s modern world you sure can, but this is not due to GMO or anything like that. All of these are grown by placing moulds on the small fruit / vegetable and letting them reach full size in the mould.

Most of these you can grow from home, but often you need the right variety in order to make a shaped fruit / vegetable that is the right shape that also tastes good. The Japanese farmer below spent 5 years perfecting the watermelon heart as the first few years he got the heart shape brilliantly but the fruit was not sweet. Watch the video to view our top 6 unusual shaped fruit and vegetables. Have you spotted one that should make the list? Let us know below.

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