Ingredient: Quinoa

Quinoa is pronounced ‘keen-wa’ and originates from the mountainous Andean region of northwestern South America. It’s a seed with a starchy texture and is related to spinach. It’s naturally gluten-free, contains all 9 amino acids and is high in protein.Known as a pseudo-grain as it is often used in recipes like a grain. Quinoa is incredibly versatile and can be used to make cakes, bread and pizza bases. Here is a collection of healthy quinoa recipes. All are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and suitable for a whole foods diet.

When baking with quinoa there is no need to cook. Simply soak in water, 8 hours is best but an hour will do, then blend and bake. When baked quinoa has a crispy outer but a fluffy and soft middle. You can buy quinoa flour but as this is expensive and difficult to source these recipes all use the whole grain. All recipes have a video showing making the recipe and you can view them all on this quinoa playlist.
Healthy Quinoa Recipes - vegan & gluten free