Glyphosate In Food

Sadly not all food is created equally and many contain hidden harmful chemicals that won’t be listed on the ingredients. This article explores glyphosate in food and gives practical advice on how to minimise exposure to this harmful chemical.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the popular weedkiller Roundup. The Agency for Research of Cancer has concluded that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans” and has been linked to many other health issues.

Foods High In Glyphosate If Not Organic


Non-organic soy often tests high for pesticides. This is a common ingredient in processed foods as it’s a cheap ingredient to add bulk. Vegans may not need to be concerned as most soy in vegan products these days is organic and non-GMO and not high in glyphosate.



Often wheat has a high amount of herbicides sprayed during growing. There have also been cases of growers spraying just before harvesting to boost the yield and increase profits, more information later in the article.



Most of the world’s almonds come from California, this is the home of some of the highest and lowest quality almonds. The low-quality almonds are highly sprayed.



The common side veggie is full of goodness but often contains glyphosate residue.


Sugar and Beetroot

Often sugar is refined from the beet root and this can be high in herbicides.



This root vegetable can be high in herbicides.


Sweet Potato

The lower GI red fleshed potato despite being grown underground has tested high for herbicides.

keep sweet potatos not in fridge


As quinoa has grown in popularity it’s now an intensively farmed crop that has tested for high levels of herbicides.



Tea leaves are very suspectable to chemicals sprayed on the crops for both black and green teas. Also peppermint tea can be high in roundup chemicals.

white tea photo

Meat and Dairy

Animal feed has one of the highest levels of allowed residue levels for glyphosate, with 400 ppm for non grass and 300 for grass. This is passed into animal products.

dairy milk

Corn & Corn Syrup

Sweetcorn and corn oil can contain high levels of herbicides. As can high fructose corn syrup.



This grain often has tested high for glyphosate residue.


Processed Foods High in Glyphosate Residue

fruit loops

The main ingredients in processed foods are often wheat and sugar so many are high in herbicide residue.

The list would be very long if I listed all of them, but bread and cereal products are often the worst offenders.

Processed foods are intended to make the highest profit margin so it not surprising that they often use the lowest quality ingredients that may contain herbicide residues.

Don’t Avoid Fruit and Vegetables

This may sound contradictory given that I’ve just stated that many fruit and vegetables can be high in glyphosate, but the advice is not to avoid fruit and vegetables.

The risk of avoiding fruit and veggies is still far higher than eating food that contains glyphosates. Fruit, vegetables and other plant based foods should be the cornerstone of any diet.

Take this article as a reason as to why it’s good to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to get all vitamins and minerals.

the complete protein vegan myth

Eat non-Organic Food Safely

Organic is expensive and it may not be available to all.

If you’re eating non organic food that may be sprayed you can avoid your risk with following these tips

  • Peal fruit and vegetables that have had a wax applied. Often cucumbers, aubergine, apples and peppers have a shiny appearance and may be waxed.
  • Wash all produce well and use a scrubber for hard produce like carrot, beetroot and potatoes.
  • Remove the outer leaves of cabbages, lettuces, kale and similar.

Ingesting Glyphosate Mistaken With Gluten Intolerance

More and more people are identifying as gluten intolerant these days. However there’s mounting evidence that they could be suffering from ingesting glyphosate as the two symptoms are so similar based on a study by Interdisciplinary Toxicology (iTox).

A graph by iTox shows a correlation between reported celiac disease (for gluten intolerances) and the rising amount of glyphosate used:

wheat glyphosate usage and gluten intolerance

The herbicide industry and Monsanto continue to insist that glyphosate is safe and is no threat. However even if eating crops heavily doused in the chemical does not kill you immediately that does not mean it’s safe and harmless.

Roundup and glyphosate have been shown to disrupt the gut bacteria and celiac disease is associated with imbalances in this bacteria.

Glyphosate is known to inhibit cytochrome P450 and celiac disease is also linked to issues with the same enzymes.

Other similarities to glyphosate and celiac disease are deficiencies in amino acids and low metals including iron and copper.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has increased by 80% since the 1970’s when glyphosate use became widespread. Celiac disease sufferers are also at an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Buy Organic To Reduce Glyphosate Risk

Roundup is now often used just before harvest to help dry out the crops to make for an easier harvest. Spraying just before harvesting kills the plants and encourages them to drop more seeds to try to survive. This is especially common with wheat and using the herbicide just before harvest dramatically increases the amount of glyphosate in the final product.

Many organic certifications now ban glyphosate as a pre-harvest desiccant.

If you want to avoid glyphosate try to eat organic where possible. Although some organic crops have tested positive, the risk is dramatically reduced.

Glyphosate Isn’t The Only Risk

Glyphosate is just one of many ingredients in weedkillers such as roundup.

These other ingredients are often hidden as they are counted as a trade secret. Meaning it’s impossible to tell what chemicals are used. This hidden cocktail could present a greater risk than glyphosate alone.

Final Words On Glyphosate In Food

  • The active ingredient in Roundup has been linked to many health conditions.
  • The crops highest in the residue of this harmful chemical are:
    • Soy
    • Wheat
    • Almonds
    • Peas
    • Beetroot / beet sugar
    • Carrots
    • Sweet potato
    • Quinoa
    • Peas
    • Tea and herbal teas
    • Meat and Dairy
    • Corn
    • Oats
  • Wash produce and remove outer leaves for non-organic to reduce risk.
  • The symptoms for glyphosate and gluten intolerance are very similar, so people that thought they react with gluten could instead be reacting with glyphosate.
  • Eat organic if you can to reduce your risk.
  • Weedkillers like round up contain lots of hidden ingredients that may be harmful.

I hope you found this article on glyphosate and roundup useful. Let me know in the comments below what you think of it, or if you want to share any information or ask/answer a question.

27 thoughts on “Glyphosate In Food”

  1. Thank you
    We are trying to have it banned in the European Union
    Two low cost German supermarkets help mak buying organic more affordable
    Please write on how to remove this toxin from our bodies next

    1. Bastian Durward

      You’re welcome. I think Glyphosate is banned in the Netherlands and France is planning to ban it. I’m based in the UK and Glyphosate is not banned here, but hopefully, something will happen to outlaw it. I’m not sure about how to remove it from your body, I just collect evidence-based research and can’t see anything proven on how to remove it rather than just not having it unfortunatley.

    2. Glycine is thought to chemically bind to Glyphosate and remove it from the body. It is not expensive and comes in capsules and powder. I actually use the powder in my cooking because it is sweet to the taste. A tablespoon to finish off my pasta sauce or macaroni salad to neutralize any Glyphosate hiding in my fresh ingredients. Roundup applications can drift into organic fields. It also helps you get a good night’s sleep. Good luck!

  2. I hate that the US is acting so slowly and not really considering banning glyphosate from our foods. I have acid reflux all the time and I thought it was something genetic or just something unexplained. Then I had a wedding to go to in France and during the week and a half there I experienced no acid reflux and I had no choice but to eat gluten and a lot of things that I usually avoid at home. I have a very strong gut feeling it was the glyphosate!

    1. Belinda, I’m not understanding your sentence before last. Says, I had no choice but to eat gluten ….. etc and a lot of things I usually avoid at home. So inFrance you had no acid reflux and you ate gluten ? gluten contains glyphosates, am I correct ? What did you eat in France. I have the acid reflux every day. thanks

    2. I eat Quaker Oatmeal that cook for 5 minutes. (Not the instant one. )
      Thought it was good for reducing cholesterol. It is not organic. Now need to look for an organic one. Thanks for the info.

      1. I buy Coach’s Oats from Costco, “Hearty Steel Cut Texture”which cooks “up to 5 minutes” in microwave (but not instant oatmeal.) I really like the chewy texture it has. Last time I was there, I saw the package now has “Organic” printed on it. I am just waiting till I finish the little bit we have at home before buying it, especially after reading this article on glyphosate!

    3. I had acid reflux for years until I gave up beef, pork and lamb. Now its just fish and fowl and don’t even own a bottle of TUMS. Warren, CA

  3. I just went through the same thing!
    I was abroad for a month and was able to eat all types of food!
    Back in US and I’m having all kinds of digestive issues!
    It’s a nightmare.
    My acupunturist has many patients that claim the same, she says must be glyphosate.

    1. I’ve heard this so many times that there must be something in it. Hopefully awareness will spread and people can try avoiding it to see if their issues improve.

  4. I have severe digestive issues and gallstones. So many foods trigger it. Try really hard to eat organic but when your at a restaurant you just don’t know. I do sometimes ask what cooking oil they use. Most oils ruin me. Last night we ate Mexican food and found as I was eating a little green pepper piece was in it. It was very good but I went and ask the manager what do they cook in the meat that I found something green in it? Oh he said probably bell peppers. Well can’t eat bell peppers raw or cooked. I messed up all night. I eat almost everything on the that list you have. I wash them except for those that affect my digestion. I don’t know what kind of test I could ask my to run to ck for things. I am sooo sorry I was not educated about wheat, milk, cheese and so much more when I was growing up and also raising my children. We all ate sooo much sugary cereals and cows milk. It’s actually depressing to talk about.

    1. So happy I have found so much info on Monsanto and companies they own in food production.Now they are getting more into the dairy industry. The list here of Almonds (so almond milk not a saving grace)and Roundup/glyphosate. My list shows they are the bigger companies. Quaker Oats, Green Giant, General Mills, Wrigleys gum.too, many to list. please look for these in your determining foods. Also chemicals as dangerous in Proctor/Gambles products. I am cleaning my cabinets. What we know now is not to enlist foil hat wearers, as some call us who are rebuking the sheep calling ads, but people who are no longer shouldas, couldas, wouldas when Dr. diagnosis of cancer comes a calling!

      1. I use restore to help tighten the junctions in my gut that are damaged from glyphosate and toxins. I also thought I was gluten intolerant and came to the conclusion it was the wheat. We eat organic and keto most of the time. When I do indulge in bread, it’s organic. The more we have gotten away from toxic food, the more we are realizing the damaging results of it. Anger, fatigue, foggy thinking, lack of motivation, lack of focus, anxiety, triggered easily and cross lines with extended exposure. Corn, sugar, soy and wheat seem to be in everything processed. We detox with epsom salt, baking soda and peroxide baths, saunas, dandelion tea. Long term damage made us vitamin deficient. Magnesium, D, B’s. Many people find they end up with thyroid problems. The products needed to help with symptoms caused by toxins , heartburn, allergies and aches actually can contribute to thyroid issues.

  5. Joy Victoria Ramos

    My husband eats oatmeal (Walmart) brand everyday….I’m sure their brand is not organic. Will have to start buying organic non GMO

    1. Just to add to your efforts. Non-GMO does not necessarily mean organic so be careful. Non GMO soybeans, Oats and Wheat (I don’t think there is any GMO wheat or Oats but the packaging may state that as a ‘selling’ point) are most likely sprayed before harvest. Non GMO soybeans would be killed by the Roundup if applied before then. The purpose of spraying at harvest is to ‘desiccate’ the leaves to make it easier for machines to get in and also for higher yields. This residue could also be why people are having gut issues. Glyphosate interferes with/kills your gut biome making digestion more difficult. So many people think they are gluten intolerant when they most likely are glyphosate intolerant 🙂

  6. Thank you for all the useful information. This way I can show my daughter that mainstream is saying the same thing my health nuts as sheep calls them, say! We all need to band together and get rid of this stuff!

  7. Does anyone know what’s going on with Bob’s Red Mill ‘Organic’ Gluten Free Old Fashion Rolled Oats? I know there were class action lawsuits. Is glyphosate still present in their cereal?

  8. Just because it is printed on the label “Organic” is no guarantee to the consumer that the product is not contaminated with chemicals such as glyphosate and many more. In addition, these products are limited in availability and the cost is much more. “Bread is the staff of life…or it was considered that at one time. Since most of us do not grow our own foods in our backyards anymore, raise our own animals, etc etc. we count on our governments to make the food we eat safe for human consumption. IN America, we used to have a government agency that was our voices. What happened?

  9. Yes peel your potatoes beets and carrots.
    The latgest research shows that glyphosate substitiuetes itself in place of your naturally produced glycine in your body which is needed for various reasons. So try to buy bone broth that is high in glycine and make soups with it adding organic veg’s and organic chicken or wild caught fish. Otherwise order glyphosate online in veg caps. i dont eat beef or pork for many reasons. Curt

  10. Caroline Beauvais

    The NWO happened. De-population agenda. Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Event 201, ID 2020, etc etc etc …. Test everything.

  11. Thank you for this Awesome information to help all people beware of what’s happening to our food and what to look for. Why can’t USA just Ban the use of the Roundup ingredients period and not contaminate our growing crops of food?

  12. I called the USDA and asked the difference between NON-GMO verses USDA Organic as to how they do their testing. They said Thre USDA checks the whole farm company and focuses and investigates the actual seeds, soil, plant and water in order to check to see if the vegetables or fruits are indeed Organic before they put their Green seal. Verses The Non- GMO only checks the plant and water. If you see a back and White USDA instead of the Orginal colorful Green and white seal it is not the Orginal, it has to be the true Green and white seal.

  13. Donna Shifflett

    I got Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma from using Roundup because of the glyphosate that is in it, I almost lost my life, I am now cancer-free but I have been told that now I could get leukemia from it, I just want people to know how dangerous it really is I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anybody else.

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