How To Stay Cool During Hot Weather

Strong sun on a hot summer day

The extreme heat during a summer heatwave can make it very uncomfortable for people of all ages. Here are a few tips to help Stay Cool During Hot Weather.

Tips To Stay Cool During A Summer Heatwave

Make a DIY air cooler

Freeze some plastic bottles, not glass as it can shatter, then place in front of a fan in order to get a cool breeze. You can replace the frozen bottles with a damp cloth (not dripping) or a bowl of ice water.

DIY air cooler to stay cool

Don’t exert yourself in the midday sun

If you want to do anything that raises your heart rate do not do it while the sun is at full strength, between 11-4. You can very quickly suffer from heatstroke in hot temperatures regardless of your age or physical fitness.

Put your bedding in the freezer for half an hour before bed

Then take it out and make the bed. It feels better than getting into a warmed bed in winter does.

Open Loft Hatch

Heat rises so open your loft hatch and let it rise up there. This works best if your ceilings are insulated and trap hot air.

Close curtain / blinds when they are facing the sun

When sun is pouring in through the windows just close the curtains or put down the blinds to reduce the indoor temp.

Keep hydrated and carry water with you

This is almost too obvious to mention but it’s important and very easy to become dehydrated in hot weather that your body is not used to.

Wear natural fibres

Natural fibres like cotton will allow air to circulate and effectively wick away moisture. Avoid any synthetic clothes even if it is a synthetic blend.

Eat cooling foods

Like salads full of vegetable and fruit that are seasonably available in the summer. Avoid winter vegetables like carrots and parsnips.

Fruity nutty cauliflower cous cous crunch close up

Spray home and bedding with water

With a fine mister spray your home and bedding with water before bed. As this evaporates on your bedding it will leave the fabric feeling cooler. Also spraying your home will help keep the air from becoming dry and cool the room. Add a few drops of essential oil for a bit of fragrance.

Put water bowls on windowsills

As the air blows from outside over the water you will get a cool draft.

Wet your hair and face

With a spray bottle regularly as this will reduce your temperature when the water evaporates.

Have a cold bath / foot bath

Bathe in cold water or just dip your feet in a bucket of cold water to cool your core temperature quickly. Add a bit of ice if you like.

Use natural bedding

Make sure your bedding is made of natural fibres like cotton. These are more breathable and will allow air to circulate, sweat to evaporate and let your body regulate its temperature effectively.

Hot Weather / Heatwave Cooling Tips Video


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  1. All these sound really benifinal I will Ben using allot of these this summer especially bedding in freezer and wet hair and face coldness foot baths alwell also make a air conditioner

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