Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets BBC Review

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Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets another useless BBC ‘documentary’

Another month another dodgy ill conceived BBC documentary that tries to push a pre-written narrative. This time its on BBC3 and called Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets. It claims to answer if this is ‘a fad diet with potentially dangerous consequences?’

I define clean eating as food that’s natural without anything that has been processed to remove all of the goodness. So sugar and white flour would not be “clean” foods. It’s just a useful hashtag for people on instagram to use, and we use it ourselves.

A few extreme diets that happen to be vegan do not represent the whole of veganism

The focus of Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets is one person following a few extreme diets that happen to be vegan – either just potatoes or 30 bananas a day. These two diets do not represent the whole of veganism. Although even the people that advocate these diets don’t say that’s all you can eat like the show try to portray. Freelee the banana girl was mentioned several times. Her recommended diet is fruit for breakfast and lunch with a plant based evening meal. Maybe not the ideal diet long term, but everyone is different and they need to find out what works for them. Freelee’s diet is probably 99.9% better than what most people eat out there, in terms of health and for the environment.

green juice for Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets Review

This documentary was publicised with the sub title “How clean eating made me end up in hospital”. along with someone gurning at a green juice. No clean eating didn’t. Eating unprocessed and natural foods will not do this. Following a few extreme diets will. That is all that this show managed to prove while trying to drag down all of veganism with it.

Why has the BBC set out to try and belittle veganism?

Is the BBC in bed with the food manufactures / dairy or meat industry? It doesn’t seem to want to protect people from damaging diets and lifestyles. These extreme diets could do a bit of damage and we wouldn’t recommend them. However by far the most damage being done right now is food manufactures and dairy / meat industry. They are doing immeasurably more damage to people’s health and the environment.

Next time why don’t they do “is eating a wide variety of natural foods good for you” I somehow doubt they will. The image for this article is our sunflower seed salad.

Watch Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets


6 thoughts on “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets BBC Review”

  1. I just saw a clip of this. What nonsense most if it was. The whole point of veganism, for most of us, is to live better, more ethical lives. Its not primarily about diet. We also tend to research what we are doing, and will find and share good advice. Shame on the BBC for yet another biased, unprofessional report.

    1. Funny how NONE of you objected to a piece of tripe like ‘Super Size Me’, and yet because this documentary actually uncovers truths about how unbalanced some parts of the vegan movement are, it’s unacceptable and lying.

      The fact is, the vegan movement pushes disinformation. Period. You can pat yourselves on the back and say, ‘not me!’ but if you’re honest, you know perfectly well that there are people who make claims that are NOT supported scientifically and in fact, are NOT healthy. You ALL know they’re there.

      If you actually have a conscience, you wouldn’t mind a documentary that exposes people who are the lunatic fringe of veganism (although to be perfectly honest, as far as I’m concerned, most of you are out there.)

      But you’re not honest, not with yourself, not with those following you. Grow up and get a burger, why don’t you?

  2. I believe that many journalistic organizations publish trash, like this, to get our attention and push our buttons. How ‘news-worthy’ is an unbiased look at whole food, plant based diets?

  3. agreeeeee! I got about 5 minutes into this shit show and discovered that I can’t eat pasta or any processed food – what a shock! seriously though this made me furious, it’s like making a program about omnivores where they only eat caviar and lobster and follow it with a champagne colonic, and then extrapolate from that to be how ALL omnivores eat. It is totally unacceptable that they put such bias crap out. I never normally do this but Ive actually complained about it to the BBC. GGRRRRRRRR!

  4. I’m watching this show right now and I’m wondering why anyone would waste their time and resources on a program consisting of listening to jabbering idiots who have no understanding of what they’re talking about. Just turned it off.

  5. It’s funny that they’re saying a vegan diet is bad for you. But what they didn’t say is that meat was/is good for you. Because it isn’t! It also said a plant based diet is No Wheat. Wheat is vegan. It’s all a load of BS!
    Have you ever seen an overweight vegan? …..Funny that!

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