20 Unusual But Effective Tips To Keep Healthy When Staying At Home

stay healthy at home

Use these tips to keep both your body and mind in shape if you are needing to stay at home.

Our mental and physical health are all intrinsically liked and both can simultaneously be improved with these easy healthy staying at home tips.

Air the house daily

Indoor air is often 300% more polluted than outside. During the cooler months the air inside homes gets stale, polluted and low of oxygen.

Fresh air has been shown to improve blood pressure and promote a stronger immune system.

Open enough windows and doors every morning to let the air flow through your home and replace the old stale air. I often do this first thing for half an hour before the heating comes on.

air your house to feel better at home

Grow some sprouts

Fresh sprouts are some of the most nutrient-dense foods out there. Full of plant protein, antioxidants and fibre. Sprinkle a few alfalfa sprouts or sprouted beans on anything to add more foods that make you feel good.

Alfalfa is easy to grow at home – all you need is some damp kitchen roll. Or mung beans can be sprouted in an old jam jar.

That way you can grow your own fresh produce at home to add much-needed nutrition to meals that are made from dried foods.

bouncing on a mini trampoline for health

Bounce for 10 minutes

A mini trampoline can be put in any home and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

You don’t need to bounce high, if anything it’s best to bounce so your feet only leave the surface for a millimetre. Making it very low impact and suitable for all.

Just bouncing been shown to have many health benefits including; enhancing circulation, preventing osteoporosis and increase white blood cells that defend against diseases.

Not to mention the mental health benefits as you feel so good after a quick bounce.

Try adding a timer for 10 minutes with some music and tell me you don’t feel better afterwards!

Strong sun on a hot summer day

Get some sunlight

Vitamin D is so important for health, a short dose does wonder for us humans.

Of course you should never get burnt, but you shouldn’t be afraid of a bit of sunlight on your skin and it’s been shown to release the feel good hormones endorphins.

Hula hoop for a few minutes

A weighted hula hoop is really easy to start spinning around your body regardless of your fitness level. After a few minutes you will start to feel the effects.

Hula hooping in the other direction or trying to move it up and down your body for tricks adds a new level of complexity to it

Watch nature

If you don’t have a cat to pet how about watching the birds go by or the squirrels in the trees.

Understandably this might not be possible for all, but if you have a small section of outside space keep an eye out for smaller critters. It can be relaxing to study them and what they are up to. Ants and spiders are animals too.

Or you could watch a nature documentary, to help remind it’s a big world out there and we’re all just trying to survive as best we can.

Ingredients for summer rolls

Aim for 10 portions of fruit or veg every day

Don’t stick to just 5 portions of fruit or veg, the real amount scientists think you should eat is 10. They chose to the lower figure to recommend as they thought 10 was too high for most to achieve and may cause most to give up.

Eat a rainbow of different colours as this helps get a balance of all vitamins and minerals.

Lentils and beans count, along with frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables. But do only buy tinned fruit in juice and avoid tinned vegetables that are high in salt.

summer rolls


Even if you’ve never meditated before don’t be put off by the name. Find somewhere where you can relax and clear your mind.

Busy lives can benefit massively from incorporating doing nothing for a few minutes a day.

Jars of raw vegan kimchi

Eat fermented foods

Live fermented foods are so good for your body as they’re full of helpful bacteria and enzymes that are good for your gut flora and immune system.

You don’t have to buy any fermented foods, in fact it’s far better to make your own as most in the shops have been pasteurised and have lost their benefits.

Making sauerkraut is as simple as grating cabbage and mixing with salt with my sauerkraut recipe. Or you can make a healthy sugar free spicy vegan kimchi that goes with everything.

Learn something

There must be something you’ve wanted to learn? Maybe an instrument you’ve got packed away or a new language?

The internet makes it easy and free to have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Use downtime to do something productive to improve both your mental and physical health.

creative left side brain

Write all your worries down

Once all your problems are down on paper they often seem less.

I keep a notepad beside my bed and once things are noted down it helps me think of solutions as to how to overcome them.

Try this if you suffer from insomnia and it’s very satisfying scrubbing a worry off your list.

Find a creative outlet

It’s good for us all to have somewhere to be creative.

You don’t have to be a talented artist to activate your artistic flare.

Nore do you have to have money to do something creative.

How about trying a craft to recycle and upcycle items like bottles in your home or trying flower arranging with weeds from the garden.

Anything you find fun is going to benefit your mental health!

natural cleaning homemade products

Clean regularly but avoid chemicals

Lots of household cleaners are not good for your health. Instead hot water, vinegar, or baking soda can be used for healthy and effective cleaning.

Keep all surfaces wiped down and hoover regularly to remove the common air pollutants of dust and lose fibres.

I’m a huge fan of a robotic hoover and while it doesn’t do a perfect job each time, if it’s used every day it really does do most of your hoovering. Mine is often getting trapped and it has dented a few things but I still love it as the house never looks like it needs hoovering.

More DIY Natural cleaning tips.

keep leafy greens on paper in the fridge

Eat your greens

Greens are one of the most nutrient-dense foods. However most people eat too little of them and even salad bags aren’t that healthy.

Try finding out what edible greens you can pick from the garden or local parks. I often eat nettles and dandelions.

Or if you just have a windowsill try growing your own herbs to add flavour and nutrition to food. Chopped herbs go well in so many dishes that usually people wouldn’t think to use – like mint in a fruit salad or basil in guacamole.

Heat rooms at different temperatures

Try changing the heating in each room so that you notice the temperature changes as you go throughout the home.

Generally, bathrooms and lounges should be kept warmer than bedrooms and kitchens. But it’s not a science and everyone is different.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find some of these tips useful to make it more bearable if you are being forced to stay indoors or at home.

Please do share any other tips you may have in the comments below.


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