Satisfying Healthy Food – Vegan & Plant Based

Easy Recipe for liquid runny cashew nut butter

Satisfying healthy food that will make you hungry and fill you with nutrition! All recipes are easy to make and free of empty calories. You eat first with your eyes so all of these satisfying food recipes are a feast for your eyes but anyone can make at home.

Healthy Satisfying Food Recipes

Cashew Butter Recipe

Nest and glow nut butter

100% cashew raw butter can be made at home in this simple recipe. A powerful blender is needed but a good brand will last a long time and save you money.

Coconut Cacao Chocolate Spread

Close up of chocolate coco cacao spread

Just coconut milk and cacao with a sweetener blended together make a rich and creamy chocolate spread.

Chocolate Avocado Frosting on Quinoa Cake

Quinoa Avocado Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Rich thick creamy chocolate avocado frosting goes great on a high protein quinoa cake. Perfect topped with fresh berries.

Vanilla Bean Frosted Carrot Cake Truffles

Carrot Cake Truffles with Vanilla Bean Icing Recipe

Healthy balls of perfection with decadent frosting full of heart-healthy fats. No one ever guesses how healthy these raw truffles with fresh carrot and walnuts are.

Cashew Mozeralla on Quinoa Crust Pizza

Cashew Mozzarella gooey vegan Quinoa Crust Pizza

Tapiola starch is the magic ingredient to make a dairy-free stringly “mozzarella” pizza. My recipe is flour free and used whole quinoa making it very high in plant protein.

Raw Carrot Beetroot Cake with Cashew Frosting

Raw Carrot Beetroot Cake Recipe

This healthy cake tastes as good as it looks! Bright beetroot and carrots give a range of vitamins in this raw vegan cake.

Calcium Chocolate Frosted Fudge

calcium fudge

There’s loads of sources of calcium on a vegan diet and this combines some of the best into chocolate fudge.

Ginger Turmeric Cookies

Ginger Turmeric Vanilla Cookies Recipe

Easy cookies made from a few unprocessed ingredients with a hint of ginger and a touch of turmeric.

Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownie – Nut Free

The ultimate sweet potato brownie loaded with coconut cream, chocolate avocado frosting and sunflower caramel!

Seed Milk 4 Ways

Seed Milk Recipes - 4 Ways

Dairy-free milk in the shops is often very low in nutrients and expensive. Try these seed milk recipes as they are all filled with good stuff and quite inexpensive.

2 Ingredient Chocolate Protein Mousse

a spoonful of Chocolate Protein Mousse

Can you guess the other ingredient in this healthy chocolate mousse? Perfect filling, rich and healthy dessert.

All of the satisfying food is plant-based making it free of refined ingredients like flour and sugar and high in vitamins, fibre and minerals. This food is both satisfying to look at and satisfying to eat as it fills your body with goodness!

Most of these do contain cashew nuts as they blend very smooth so are the perfect replacement to dairy on a plant-based diet. However, cashew nuts can be substituted for macadamia nuts or to be nut free used soaked sunflower seeds instead.

View the satisfying video for all of these recipes at youtube.


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