9 Healthy Chocolate Avocado Recipes That Are Easy

chocolate avocado hummus just blended in a food processor. it takes just 5 minutes to make this healthy sweet hummus

Easy Healthy Chocolate Avocado Recipes

9 healthy chocolate avocado recipes that are all easy to make and bursting with nutrition.

Avocado and chocolate go so well together as avocado adds an amazing creamy texture and chocolate gives a depth of flavour.

Even people that don't like avocado like these recipes and no one can guess there's avocado in these healthy plant based recipes unless they know its there (or they find a green lump).

All are vegan, dairy free with no butter, no eggs, no flour and sweetened with either fruit on natural sweeteners that contain nutrition.

For these healthy and easy chocolate avocado vegan recipes you can either use block chocolate, raw cacao or cocoa powder. More on the difference between cacao and cocoa.

For block chocolate it’s best to use one that’s at least 70% cocoa solids as it will be low in sugar and nutritious. I tend to use 85% cocoa chocolate.

Healthy and easy chocolate avocado recipes that are all vegan, easy to make and high in nutrition. Full of heart healthy fats and vitamins. #healthyrecipes #veganrecipe


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