Annoying Comments On Recipes

annoying comments on recipe blog

“How can I make your quinoa avocado cake without quinoa or avocados?”

“How long do these take to set?” ~ Overnight chia puddings

“Why would you make vegan cream eggs look like eggs?”

“How can cauliflower have wings? It doesn’t fly you know…” ~ Cauliflower wings

“I made your tomato basil lentil chips last month and put them in the freezer, just defrosted and they aren’t any good. Thanks for wasting my time, money and ingredients” – the recipe says to enjoy within a day.

“I didn’t have any agar agar so made cashew cheese using cornstarch instead. Was awful.”

smoked cashew vegan cheese recipe for firm sliceable dairy free cheese

“What is lentil pasta made of?”

“I cooked your chickpea strawberry cake for 3 hours at 150C rather than 50 mins at 190C and it was horrible and dry”

“Why do you use so many seeds in the 5 seed oatcakes recipe?!”

“Couldn’t find any greaseproof paper in my kitchen so omitted it and the quinoa pizza stuck to the base and was impossible to eat. Awful recipe”

“I have an aga how should I cook this? People are arriving in an hour, please hurry up!”

“Why can’t you make cakes with no sweeteners? Dates are still sugar!!!”

“I followed the chickpea blondies recipe exactly as you stated although replaced the chickpeas with pumpkin seeds and it didn’t work. You need to test your recipes better”

“The frosting on the carrot cake is impossible to get smooth unless you use a blender”

Carrot Cake Truffles with Vanilla Bean Icing Recipe

“Looks great, I might try it one day”

“I don’t like eggs so its a no thanks from me for trying vegan scrambled eggs

“What can I replace the quinoa with in quinoa bread

“Where does the protein come from in the lentil protein pancakes

“I don’t like buckwheat, won’t be making your buckwheat bread

“It didn’t work, what did I do wrong”

Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

“The ultimate healthy chocolate brownie, looks like way too much work. There are four different dressings that need to be made, then the brownies cooked, then sliced and piled high. Why don’t you do simple and easy recipes rather than this food porn that no one will make?!” – Have you seen my 3 ingredient quick and easy brownies?

“Love this soup, but left out the curry as don’t like it, replaced the sweet potatoes with carrots and baked rather than boiled”

“It looks like milk, but it isn’t so shouldn’t be called milk” ~ Sunflower seed milk

“I don’t eat sunflower seeds or nightshade so can’t eat this. Looks good though” ~ Sunflower seed bake

“Is the onion essential? I can’t eat it”

“You need black pepper else eating turmeric is wasted”

Ginger Turmeric Vanilla Cookies Recipe

“Are bananas essential?” ~ Banana oat cookies

“If you make the raw hot chocolate with water above 38 degrees it’s not raw. Just thought you would like to know.”

“I don’t have any probiotics will it affect the coconut yoghurt?”

“Once I had a chocolate avocado pudding and didn’t like it. Your avocado mint chocolate fudge doesn’t appeal to me”

“These sound evil” ~ Pea cookies

“Don’t look very bright, try adding some gel dye to make the colours pop.” ~ Natural fruit juice jelly sweets

Black Bean Chocolate Fudge Muffins with Vanill Cashew Frosting

“Do these [black bean chocolate fudge muffins] taste much of chocolate?”

“This isn’t a traditional recipe, no one adds sweet potato and lemon zest into falafel” ~ Sweet potato falafel 

“I read that coconut gives heart attacks somewhere so don’t eat it”

“Why do so many recipes use vanilla. It’s not nice”

“Peanut butter is way cheaper, I’ll be using it instead of almond butter.”

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24 thoughts on “Annoying Comments On Recipes”

    1. Thanks, although these are the good ones that make me laugh. They’re better than when I keep answering the same question over and over again. Yes you can freeze it, it lasts 3-4 days!

  1. Brilliant … but I don’t like reading lots of comments dto I didn’t read them all, why did you have so many ????????. Sorry, I couldn’t resist ????????????

  2. Wow these were truly terrible haha, BUT the comment about the turmeric and black pepper had some grounds. Turmeric is great on its own but its much better absorbed if you have black pepper alongside it (so the comment was exaggerated but maybe meant well) xD love your recipes, keep up the good work!! Gonna try the buckwheat bread today xx

    1. Thanks although as I started reading the first few words of your comment my heart sank as though it was a recipe gone wrong. Thankfully not!

      That’s a good point about turmeric, some articles say its due to the fat in the black pepper so any fat will do for absorption and others say it’s compounded in the pepper. So I’m not sure but do always add a pinch these days.

  3. I love your cheeky attitude. People and their nonsense comments ????????
    I just started seeing your recipes and Iโ€™d love to try them all.

    1. Oh gosh I was trying not to be cheeky, really thought I bit my tongue! Thanks so much glad you like the recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These are hysterical. Love the one who substituted sunflower seeds for chickpeas! Haven’t tried your recipes yet but will be soon. Been a vegetarian since 1970. Thanks for sharing these questions and your amazing recipes.

  5. I have never understood how these type statements can even be in someoneโ€™s head lil long get put in writing ????. Would drive me ???? batty, I would have to totally ignore. Please keep up your awesomeness for the rest of us, thanks????

    1. I think some people don’t think! Or think there’s some huge brand behind nest and glow not some guy at home on all fours filming recipes on a budget setup! Thanks so much ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I just discovered your recipes (getting into vegan cheeses) and LOVE them, also all the articles.
    Do you have a ‘buy me a coffee button’ somewhere? I saw your recipe book, but I don’t really want another cookbook – if you only make 3 bucks on the book, I rather just pay that and use the recipes on your bog.
    Thanks again!
    Monika, Canada.

    1. Bastian Durward

      Hey Monika, that’s so nice to hear – really motivating. That’s a very sweet offer but finally this year (after 3 years) I’m making my goal of minimum wage with a bit to save for rainy days from the ads on the site. So while I really appreciate the offer it isn’t necessary. Just hearing nice comments is great – thank you!

  7. Really funny comments. Love all the recipes I’ve tried so far (currently munching through the beetroot/carrot cake). Thank you

  8. I’ve recently had quite a few negative comments on my recipes so was wondering if other bloggers get many too. I literally cried with laughter reading these. Thank you for making my day better!

    1. Bastian Durward

      Ah thanks Elizabeth, I think we’re just more likley to hear when something didn’t go well. All we can do is our best ๐Ÿ™‚

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